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Can’t decide between the Happy Jar that will motivate you daily and the 365 Positive Affirmations Jar that will retrain your brain for happiness and success? We have the solution for you! Have double the fun, double the inspiration and double the motivation to win every day! Go the extra mile on your mindfulness journey!

Go with a double set of Jars, which includes:

  • A Happy Jar with 365 uplifting quotes of inspiration to put a smile on your face every day, helping you create a positive mindset!
  • A Positive Affirmations Jar filled with 365 positive statements to affirm; helping to push out those negative thoughts, being replaced with nothing but positive vibes! 

Go one step further with this luxury set of Jars made of Glass, a cool wooden lid and a stylish brown leather strap to pop open that positivity! Inside each jar, you will find 365 carefully crafted cream quote cards. This Classy Jar set with wooden and Gold detail, makes for the Perfect Gift for that someone special. Or, why not treat yourself and make your mental health a priority too!

P.S. We’d love to see where you place your set of Jars! Spread the positive energy and don’t forget to tag us #reinvenshen

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