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Cream with grey bees fabric board and cream ribbed ribbon.

Create the perfect life you have always dreamed of with the help of our one of a kind ‘reinvenshen’ vision board kit. Cultivate your ultimate vision of perfection in your own unique dreamscape by manifesting it all, exactly as you envision.

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Whether you are buying it for yourself or you feel that someone you know needs a little direction in their life, this vision board kit will certainly help you steer your life to exactly where you envision it! Find your purpose, take control of your own destiny, create your ideal future and accomplish your goals to fulfil your true desires. 

With the help and inspiration of this starter kit and a little bit of effort from you, you will find the results will be life changing. 

The ‘reinvenshen’ vision board kit includes:

  • A Vision board (The blank canvas on which you create your life’s masterpiece)
  • A 24 page ‘My Vision’ work book of carefully selected exercises and activities for you to enjoy and create a truly unique vision.
  • “My Vision” notebook (A5) to jot down your vision.
  • A step by step guide to guide you on your journey.
  • 10 prompt cards for you to write down your purpose, goals, dreams, I am affirmations and more! 
  • 10 hand picked quote cards to awaken your soul and empower your vision
  • 5 positive affirmation quote cards to tap into your subconscious mind with powerful uplifting thoughts 
  • 5 cue cards to help you determine what you want to: See, Explore, Experience, Learn and Have 
  • 3 Cheques to remind yourself of the abundance of wealth that is coming into your life. You decide how much! 
  • 3 Boarding Passes to help you visualise where you dream of travelling, visiting or living in your ideal future
  • 2 positive word sheets. Cut out the words you want to place on your board to inspire you daily!
  • 30 pins to help you put your vision on to your board
  • A ‘My Vision Board Kit’ box to treasure all of your visions, dreams and light bulb ideas!
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