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Do you want to give your child real life education? Do you want to give your child the life skills of success and happiness? The skills they should learn at school but don’t. Give your child the tools they really need and kickstart their development for the real world.

Help your little one find their purpose early in life. Help them practice gratitude, set and achieve their goals and build a positive growth mindset with this ‘reinvenshen’ Dream Board Kit.

With the help and inspiration of this starter kit and a little bit of effort from your child, you will find the results to be incredible.

Ideal for children under the age of 10.

The ‘reinvenshen’ Dream Board Kit includes:

  • A Cork Dream Board (a blank canvas to dream big!).
  • A 24 page ‘My Dream Board Playsheets’ booklet of carefully selected motivational exercises and activities for them to enjoy and create a truly unique vision of their hopes and dreams.
  • “My Dreams” notebook (A5) to jot down anything that supports their vision.
  • A step by step guide to guide them through this journey of self discovery and development.
  • 6 prompt cards and 6 tips to write their dreams, school goals, positive I Am affirmations and much more!
  • 10 hand picked quote cards to motivate and inspire them daily.
  • 5 positive affirmation quote cards to tap into your child’s subconscious mind with powerful uplifting thoughts.
  • 5 cue cards to help them determine what they want to: See, Explore, Experience, Learn and Have.
  • 3 Cheques to get their creative juices flowing of how much money they want to have and what they would do with it.
  • 3 Boarding Passes to help them visualise where they dream of travelling, visiting or living in their ideal future.
  • 1 kids positive word sheet, to cut out the words which inspire them and pin onto their board.
  • 20 pins to help your child pin their dreams onto their board
  • A ‘My Dream Board Kit’ box to treasure all of your little ones dreams and light bulb ideas!

Give your child the opportunity to gain valuable skills, teach them whilst they are young that they are capable of achieving anything if they put their mind to it, with a hint of kindness and gratitude along the way.

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40cm x 60cm, 60cm x 90cm

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Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple

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